I currently own aprox 40+ Nirvana CD's, so I was thinkin to myself... "damn, I sit all day at work without any music..."  Then I started to think, "hmm I wonder if I could make a huge MP3 cd?"  Not only would one MP3 cd hold close to 12 HOURS of music, but it would be all be NIRVANA.... So I took all of my cds and converted them to mp3's!  Now at work I can listen to Nirvana at cd quality and never have to change a cd for 12 hours!  Oh, and for a side note...my MP3 cds make a great archive so I dont have to use the expensive bootlegs and possibly scratch them.   Now my life is complete. (**Note this was several years ago before it was common)

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    Well I went and saw it...It was ok, Ive heard good and bad about it.  I liked it, though I dont believe much that is in it.  Its a definate go see if you are a big fan, plus they had a pretty cool promo poster for sale for only 10 bucks.  Maybe Ill write more later on the movie itself...  I'll Put a pic of the promo poster up in a few days.

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